When you think of first responders, what do you think of? Police officers? Firefighters?

What you might not think about is those who answer the phone. 9–1–1 dispatchers’ are the first ones to gain information about the scene. They are the first people to hear what is happening and listen to a victim or bystander at the accident.

For Dispatchers at the Folsom Police Department in Folsom, California, Dispatching was not an easy career to get started in. There is a lengthy process of getting hired, and it can take six to 8 months just to get the job. …

Families around the United States have been calling in to report incidents of their Ring cameras being hacked.

According to ABC homeowners in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Texas, family’s have had their privacy invaded by hackers and demanded ransom.

On Wednesday, Dec. 10 local Tennessee television station, WMC5 reported that a Ring camera was hacked within four days of being connected.

The hacker was telling the family’s daughter to be destructive and encouraging her to break the television in her room. …

Hong Kong University Starts Campus Fire to Prevent Police From stopping Protest

A fire broke out at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University after students hurled petrol bombs and bows at officers who tried to storm the campus on Monday, November 19th.

The fire started early in the morning to keep police from entering the campus. According to CNN“The president of the university’s student union said in a statement posted to Facebook early Monday morning that thousands of students still on the campus, some of whom were injured. …

After over 17 years of planning, The American Dream Mall opened October 25th. This mall is more than just department stores. It includes a Nickelodeon theme park, waterpark, skating rink, a snow park, over 100 dining options and 450 stores to shop in. Although the mall is open some of these entertainment options and all of the stores aren’t to open until later in the year or early 2020.

A lot of people are wondering though if this 5 billion dollar mall is going to bring in enough revenue to stay open. NBC Nightly Newstates that “up to a quarter…

On September 30th, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will allow California student-athletes to make endorsement deals with companies as well as any kind of profit of a product that is tied to them. This will let these athletes hire an agent and talk to anyone that wants to make products for them. Many people have comments good and bad towards the deal.

One professional athlete who openly supports this bill is LeBron James. He had Governor Newsom on his HBO show Uninterruptedto talk about what the bill will do as well as signing the bill. He posted…

The level 5 Hurricane hit the Bahamas on September 1st a little before 5 pm. Now just days after it has left the small country with over 1,300 missing people and at least 50 dead.

According to The Washington Post majority of people evacuated from the Abaco Island as well as The Grand Bahama. They went to stay with friends and family, many have evacuated to New province where the city of Nassau is. A lot of the people with over 5,500 new people in a city that holds over 80% of its population the government is worried about what…

Breanna Eastlick

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